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Who we are

We are Cat and Chiara, founders of Luna & Sol Co Design, established in June 2019.

For a long time, there were two things missing in the wedding industry:
eco-friendly weddings and invitations with personality! We wanted to be the solution to the gap. We felt that there was lack of creativity in the wedding stationery options, there were low end templates or super expensive letter pressed options but nothing in the middle that celebrated creativity, so we wanted to create design-led collections that had innovation, unique personalities whilst being zero-waste and sustainable.

We’re blessed to be able to work directly with couples for their weddings, and now also collaborating with other small businesses for branding and event stationery.


Zero waste practices 
Innovation & Style
Being who & however you want to be


Plantable seeded paper
Zero waste invitations that folds into it’s own envelope 
Sustainable stationery
Handmade luxury

Luna & Sol plantable paper that grows into plants organic paper.jpeg

There is no Planet B… 
Earth is our home, so we aim to reduce as much negative impact on the environment as possible in our business by offering Zero-Waste solutions, avoiding mass plastic foiling which prevents the paper from being recycled, saying no to wasteful designs such as arches and acrylics!

Speak to us for advice or information on how to create your very own sustainable stationery. 


Product designer by day
Girl boss by night 
Design background in Fashion and Homewares
Forever chasing the sun and a tan
Can’t go a day without music
Dreamt of travelling the world since 15

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laura martha photography Luna & Sol stationery eco friendly sustainable invitations.jpg


E-commerce expert by day

Girl boss by night

Marketing and branding background

Art was my first love

I love cold sunny days and snow

My motto “happy thoughts and coffee"

Luna & Sol team small business female entrepreneurs Chiara.jpeg
Luna & Sol team small business female entrepreneurs Cat.jpeg




Luna & Sol is committed to provide a platform for new artists to showcase their talents. We’d like to introduce Rosie Walker, our in-house watercolourist who specialises in florals and plants. 
We’re very excited that we can now offer bespoke watercolour designs for our couples. Rosie is a self-taught artist who found a passion for painting a long time ago but only rekindled her love of watercolours in early 2020. 
She loves colours and experimenting with large dramatic petals, focusing on movement and depth. Her watercolours are both romantic and bold at the same time. Combined with Luna & Sol’s modern approach to design, we made a perfect match. 
Check out her semi-custom collections on our organic Seeded Paper below or let us know your ideas that you’d like to commission Rosie.   

“I started exploring watercolour pencils then moved to painting. 
I always had a passion for flowers and used to work in a florist back in New Zealand. Then I moved to London about 7 ye
ars ago and have loved all the different gardens and stunning flowers that I never saw back home (it's quite different between the UK and NZ). I’d like to one day move towards realism in my watercolour techniques” – Rosie Walker

Rosie Walker in house watercolourist Luna & Sol artist.jpg
Hannah Elliot.jpg



Our small business is slowly but surely growing! Hannah is our casual helper who works with us once a week to help pack orders, and assisting in all things creative and admin. We're crossing our fingers to grow faster so we can afford to hire her fulltime!

"I've always loved being creative and love drawing, painting, photography and making collage. Ever since being at Luna & Sol I've discovered all sorts of styles. Right now I've been loving the pastel and floral designs."

Hannah Elliot

The Team
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