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Luna & Sol Collective Design was born from a dream.
We were just two gals who wanted to change the game.

Our style couldn’t be more different however it’s always great to offer the best of both worlds.
Collectively we have the same goals and continue to make it happen.

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There is no planet B so we aim to reduce as much negative impacts in our business where we can. 

Our plantable Seeded Paper range is 100% organic.  
Encourage your guests to pot into plants as they are made with special air-dried paper that is pressed with wildflower and grass seeds. We design these collections with hand stamped artwork and recyclable vellum. Although there are options to directly print on the seeded paper, we would recommend the softer handmade approach to ensure that the seeds will not be overheated and become damaged.  

Our take on Metallics is different to other brands.
Did you know that most of the metallic UV foiled prints and materials can’t be recycled? There is a major difference between ‘biodegradable’ materials and ‘compostable’ materials. Everything can technically degrade into smaller pieces, such as micro plastics, but only natural materials can decompose back into the earth without leaving waste behind in landfill. 

zero waste

We are passionate about cutting unnecessary wastes, 
and continuously aim to be creative within the perimeters of sustainability. 

We source recycled paper that uses components such as denim off-cuts, organic fibers, and production wastes to extend the life cycle of each material. Check out our Paper page for more information. 

Our signature Zero Waste range folds itself into an envelope and can be finished with a wax seal, ribbon, or sticker. This design approach eliminates the need for extra materials as it can fit all the information into one design! Just add a postal stamp on the finished fold and send away – It saves the planet and your wedding budget! 

The ultimate zero waste product leads to our Animated E-invitations. Bring 2D ideas into a beautiful stop-motion story that represents 100% of who you are. 

design focused


We want to inspire ideas that you may not have thought of. Let us know what you’re thinking, and we can help you to narrate your own love story. We provide both bespoke art and can tweak our semi-custom collections to match back to each couple, all the while offering sustainable and eco-friendly wedding approaches.

Cat’s designs are romantic and artistic, find her work under the design style ‘Chase that sketch’.
Chiara’s designs are fun and quirky, find her work under the design style ‘Kica Wall’.

punch of personality

SCREW TRADITION. Don’t do what you’re told to do.
Do what you want to do. It’s your wedding  after all!

Check out our funky all in one format, our layered folder suites, our modern designs and alternative materials to get started. Everything we do aims to reduce waste where we can so we can continue to spread the word about eco weddings and stationery.

We can’t wait to hear from you !

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Luna & Sol is committed to provide a platform for new artists to showcase their talents. We’d like to introduce Rosie Walker, our in-house watercolourist who specialises in florals and plants. We’re very excited that we can now offer bespoke watercolour designs for our couples. Rosie is a self-taught artist who found a passion for painting a long time ago but only rekindled her love of watercolours in early 2020. She loves colours and experimenting with large dramatic petals focusing on movement and depth. Her watercolours are both romantic and bold at the same time. Combine with Luna & Sol’s modern approach to design, we made a perfect match. 
Check out her semi-custom collections on our organic Seeded Paper below or let us know your ideas that you’d like to commission Rosie.   

“I started exploring watercolour pencils then moved to painting. I always had a passion for flowers and used to work in a florist back in New Zealand. Then I moved to London about 7 years ago and have loved all the different gardens and stunning flowers that I never saw back home (it's quite different between the UK and NZ). I’d like to one day move towards realism in my watercolour techniques” – Rosie Walker


Our products are made in London with our collaborative partner Katie Back at Back 2 Back Prints, whom fully commits to using environmentally conscious sourcing and printing methods.

‘‘ I created Back 2 Back Print Studio, not only because of my love for paper and printing but it also strengthened my core values and passion to produce printed products without causing harm to our environment.

All materials have been carefully selected, from sourcing FSC paper to recycled materials to tree-free alternatives. These innovative eco-friendly materials do not compromise on quality and makes a world of difference to our impact on the planet.

We want to give back what we take from the world, therefore 5% of our profits are donated to One Tree Planted; a charitable organisation that plant trees around the world to fight against deforestation’’ – Katie Back

This is a collaboration between UK wedding vendors to giveaway a free winter wedding for Jade & Chloe. A couple who had to cancel their wedding in 2020, who became unemployed and lost their flat. The original Lockdown Love wedding date was for 19th December 2020 but Covid-19 continued to wreck everyone’s plans like it did for the entire year! The new date will be for 2021 and we’re all excited and eager to make this dream day happen for our couple. 

Venue: @oaktreebarnweddings,

Celebrant: @bexthecelebrantuk,

Grazing table: @grazingsocial,

Styled tables: @thecollectco_ ,

Vintage tableware: @atouchofvintageuk,

Linens and textiles: @miasylviaa,

Wedding stationery:,

Cake: @cbcakery,

Boutinierre & bouquet: @xyrisbotanicals,

Makeup & Hair: @off.duty.weddinghmua,

Jewellery hire: @tillythomaslux,


Videographer: @dalerookfilms,

Post wedding winery tour: @vineandcountrytours,

Musician: @_jordanhemingwaymusic_ ,

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We are super excited to be part of the Most Curious Class of 2020-2021, part of the new talent category. ''The competition was incredibly fierce this year, especially for bridalNEXT!, so well done, what you're doing has that extra edge, quality, calibre, freshness and excitement factor!”. 

Attended by rock stars, actors, designers, and creative types, with a total of 250+ exciting vendors, across three locations, MOST CURIOUS is the biggest, coolest, indie, style-focused wedding event in the UK. Launched in 2010 and now on it’s 20th show, Most Curious has firmly stamped it’s name down as a substantial, well-established, respected event with a focus on honing in on great design, fashion and innovative ideas in the wedding industry, for couples who appreciate quality, creativity and craftsmanship in order to nail the day they want, whether it’s a little elopement or the party of the century.

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We teamed up with Jody at @pieceofthepastcrafts for your one-stop-shop vintage stamps to add extra oophm to your invites! This can be for any standard envelopes or our Zero Waste ranges.

All of Jody’s stamps are available in 1st and 2nd class services. She has a variety of themes such as plants, flowers, Royalty etc that could match back to the main invitation design.

#SupportSmallBusiness by checking out Jody @pieceofthepastcrafts.

Claim your 10% off by using this code at purchase: LUNAANDSOL

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