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Paper & tape - bespoke.png

Get creative with us to design your very own personalised designs. 
This can be as easy as mix & matching elements from our archives or go wild and let us know all of your desires.

The below are examples of what real couples have asked for from the UK to Italy, USA to Australia...
We’ve been lucky to be able to work with so many couples all over the world!

Moodboard - Cloud Forest.jpg
Moodboard - Vivid abstract.jpg
Moodboard - Blue Haze.jpg
Moodboard - Desert Riviera.jpg
Moodboard - Make love not war.jpg
Moodboard - Cosmic Sky.jpg
Moodboard - Textured Weave copy.jpg
Moodboard - Whispy Ginko.jpg

more inspirations coming soon...

£4 paper sample pack


Feel each paper material to help you decide what’s right for you 

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