Modern. Browse stories from minimal typography to contemporary pattern designs.

Keywords: typography, accent colours, black & white, minimalist, clean line, photography.


Appreciating typography in all its form and glory, this story presents clarity and chic designs through minimal layout. You can introduce accent colours to black and white font or choose to give the typography and specialty paper the attention it deserves.

Keywords: foliage & succulents, greenery, grey tones, modern, refreshed, contemporary.


Embracing nature and greenery in all fields, this story shows love to foliage and succulents in both botanical and tropical scenery. The theme mixes various design methods from traditional foliage illustrations to uber-modern graphic photography and styling.

Keywords: strong, bold, clean lines, shape, art deco, complimentary colours.


Bold patterns and sharp geometry, this story is inspired from art deco references to different shapes and lines. The theme is adventurous by experimenting with strong complimentary tones and colour blocking.

Keywords: white space, soft patterns, fun, colour block, slogans, lyrics, fresh.


Pattern play in a softer and playful tone; this story gives homage to the organic patterns and fresh colours to create a contemporary look and feel. The mood is young and brings fun into the designs.

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