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We all tap into the world’s resources and energy in order to create and produce new things. However, we are aware of the environmental impacts and are committed to a strong eco-ethos and aim to produce products that have positive environmental life cycle. We use recyclable and biodegradable materials as much as possible and pay attention to detail in creating specific product sizes to reduce or achieve zero waste where applicable.

In collaboration with B2B Prints, we proactively find ways to make our values a reality.
Our range of paper consists of The Staples, The Specialties, The Star


The Staple

In every design routine, there is always a staple favourite. Our picks are these top 6 to start your stationary journey.


Uncoated and contains recycled material. This is a perfect thick base for our folded invitations and quirky booklets


A gleaming finish without being glossy or plastic. This is a great go-to base for a refined finish.


100% recycled from used paper, this structured material is great for creating unique booklets and cards.


Super versatile and 100% recyclable. It is a great option to use as a complimentary feature to a design or envelopes.


100% recycled and sustainably sourced, this thin base is great for layering your invitation without the bulk. 

The Textures

Recycled paper re invented into a fine patterned texture. This is a must have for a touch of the organic feel.

Prices vary on each type of paper, please enquire for more information.

The Specialties

Select from our range of high- quality handmade paper using recycled materials and organic elements.

Locally made in the UK by a heritage paper mill whom has been around since the industrial revolution.

Prices vary on each type of paper, please enquire for more information.

Organic Paper

Browse our variety of paper made from recycled waste that has been re-processed back into beautiful paper.

These paper are made from saw dust to grapes, from elephant's poo to natural metallic leaves.

Each has its own characteristics and texture to give your stationery more personality. 

We often look for organic food that is both good for us and the earth, so why not opt for organic paper? These are locally made in the UK by a heritage paper mill whom has been around since the industrial revolution.

Prices do vary on each type of paper. Please enquire for more information.

Petal Pressed Paper

This is our new range of handmade & floral pressed paper to compliment your invitations. We create bespoke C6 or Square envelopes or accent detailing to give your wedding invitation a special finish.

These papers range from real dried garden flowers to unique Nepalese Lokta paper made from fibers bark and corn flower. ⁠

Prices vary on each type of paper, please enquire for more information.

The Star

Introducing our organic seeded paper range in cream or white, where wild grass and flower seeds are pressed into paper and air dried. We can create designs by hand stamp art or printing direct on to the paper. Both methods will still allow the paper to germinate. We often incorporate vellum into the design to add more details and interest.

Vellum is also 100% recyclable made from fine wood pulp. 
See our Collections for design templates or Contact Us to create your own unique design.

Seeded Paper

Encourage your guests to pot these paper into soil; add a bit of water and let the magic happen.

Even if they don't grow the paper, your invitations will become organic waste which can be recycled

or decompose back into the earth. 

Hand stamp

Due to the nature of handmade and hand stamped design, it is expected that not every item will be identical to each other. Each item will have its own organic personality and flair, with a small tolerance for imperfection. We will do our best to create each item to match the approved invitation or stationery, and ensure that your order will be made and delivered to a high standard. If you have further comments or questions just let us know.


Feel each material and see it in real life before deciding on what is right for you.

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