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Our paper

We use recyclable and biodegradable materials for our invitations & stationery.
In collaborations with B2B Prints, we proactively and continuously find ways to make our eco-friendly ethos a reality.

Have a browse below to see which of our options attract your attention

The Staple

In every design routine, there is always a staple favourite. Our picks are these top 6 to start your stationary journey.

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Uncoated and contains recycled material. This is a perfect thick base for our folded invitations and quirky booklets


A gleaming finish without being glossy or plastic. This is a great go-to base for a refined finish.


100% recycled from used paper, this structured material is great for creating unique booklets and cards.


Super versatile and 100% recyclable. It is a great option to use as a complimentary feature to a design or envelopes.


100% recycled and sustainably sourced, this thin base is great for layering your invitation without the bulk. 

The Textures

Fine patterned luxe paper for extra finish. These are a must-have if you want tactile and organic touches.

Prices will vary based on each type of paper.

Enquire for more information

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The Specialties

Select from our range of high- quality handmade paper using recycled materials and organic elements.

Locally made in the UK by a heritage paper mill who has been around since the industrial revolution.


Prices will vary based on each time of paper chosen. Enquire for more information.

Browse our variety of paper made from recycled waste which have been re-processed back into beautiful paper.

Each paper has its own characteristics and texture to give your stationery more personality.

Saw dust: recycled wood mulch broken down into fine fibres and remade into super tactile texture. It has a soft caramel colour finish.

Fresh Grass: collected from cut grass and embedded into new paper to add extra interest and patterns. The grass elements are visible in its natural brown and green colours.

Dried Grass: collected straw and dried grass, these are repurposed back into a soft cream paper with organic specks.

Violet Haze: a collection of waste black paper that cannot be recycled with standard paper, is broken down and remade into this intriguing purple hue. 

Speckled hops: waste beer hops from breweries, these are given a new life by pressing into paper. The finishes are golden amber speckled all over the paper.

Ellie pulp: organic wastes from Elephant that has been processed to create natural texture in the paper. It has a soft brown speckled finish.

Rhino pulp: organic wastes from Rhino that is also repurposed to create an amazing spotty paper. It has a subtle black speckle finish.

Recycled jeans: collected denim off-cuts and broken down into fine fibres and remade into cool textured paper. It has a soft indigo tint finish.

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Gold & Silver: real natural minerals are embedded into this paper to provide hints of shine without harming the earth. Standard UV foils and metallics are not recyclable however if you opt for natural minerals, the paper will be able to decompose back into the earth and the minerals will not harm the environment.

Silver metallics: Like above, this paper gives light to the versatile silver tones to match back with any design.


Prices will vary based on each type of paper. Availability TBC.

Enquire for more information.

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Petal Pressed Paper


This is our range of handmade & organic pressed paper

to compliment your invitations. We offer bespoke C6 or Square envelopes or extra details such as belly bands for your wedding invitations.

Our handmade pressed paper ranges from real dried garden flowers and leaves to unique Nepalese Lokta paper made from bark and corn flower.

Prices will vary based on each pressed paper design

The Star


This is our plantable paper made from a special air-dried technique embedded with a mixture of basil and herbs seeds. 
We design these collections with hand stamped artwork and printed vellum paper which is 100% recyclable. Although there are options to directly print on the seeded paper, we would recommend the softer hand stamped approach to ensure that the seeds will not be overheated and become damaged.

Plantable Paper


Encourage your guests to pot seeded paper into soil; 
add a bit of water and let magic happen.

Even if they choose to not grow the paper, 
your invitations will still be organic waste 
which can decompose back into the earth.  

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How to pot your paper

Hand stamp with love


For handmade products, it is expected that

not every item will be identical to each other.

Each item will have its own organic personality

and flair, with a small tolerance for imperfection.



Feel each material and see it in real life before deciding on what is right for you.