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Here is a simple break down of how we can help!

Semi-custom: Choose from our library of designs and add in your personal details. We can offer minimal edits such as moving the layout around to fit more information, change of fonts or small details.
The price per unit is listed on each product based on the quantities required.


Bespoke: This can be split between two scenarios:

If you like the look of one of the semi-custom ranges but would like to change the overall design, then we can apply hourly design rates*. This would include changes for full layout, colouring, adding new motifs and elements etc.
This can usually take between 1-2 hours depending on the brief.


If you would like to create a brand-new story with your personal pick of the themes, then we will work based on an hourly design rate*. This would include the drafting stage, the editing stage and final sign off.  
This can usually take between 3-5 hours depending on the brief.


*Design hourly rates are £25 p/hour

Extra services & Accessories


We offer on the day stationery such as menus and table talkers, place cards, table plans, signage, thank you cards, gift tags and everything that you might need to complete the look for the wedding.


Check out our range of On The Day Stationery or enquire with us for bespoke designs.

Personalised sticker seal £0.70 - £0.90 varied p/invitation.
Please choose from two different sizes.

Ribbons & twine £0.30 - £0.90 varied p/invitation.
Prices varies on style.

Sticker address label - £1.00 p/invitation.

Price dependent on size and quantities required.


Envelope lining to be £0.60- £0.90 varied p/invitation.

Match the envelope to your chosen design.
Price is dependent on the quantity required.


Envelopes £0.80 - £0.95 varied p/invitation (C5 to C7 sizes)

We can suggest the right colour & size for your design.

Pressed flower envelopes £0.95 p/invitation (handmade C6 & square only).


We can suggest the right colour & size for your design.
Price is dependent on the type and quantity required.


Feel each material and see it in real life before deciding on what is right for you.

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