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“Get creative with plantable seeded paper envelopes”

Here’s a fresh motivation to get you back to DIY or crafting. Our brand new eco-friendly seeded paper C6 envelopes are perfect for budget wedding favour ideas, sustainable gifting or for scrap booking. All handmade with love and delivered plain so you can add your own personal touch to finish.

Our paper is embedded with wildflowers or basil seeds. Pot the seeded paper into soil, add a bit of water, and let the magic happen. To ensure a higher germination rate, we recommend potting the paper in late spring or summer. Until then, it’s best to store in a warm and dry environment.

Even if you choose to not grow the paper, your envelopes will still be organic waste, 100% biodegradable which will decompose back into the earth, leaving no traces or trash behind.

Sustainability is luckily not trend or a fad. It’s not a topic that should be “hot right now”, then disappear off your social media or mind. We aim to reduce as much waste and avoid harming the earth where we can. Creating beautiful things shouldn’t be a guilty conscience!

#Sustainability doesn’t have to be boring

Growingly, the demand for handmade artisanal products continues strongly. Each one of the envelopes has its organic personality and flair. Each texture and pattern on the paper is unique!


To save the planet and your wedding budget, why not give each guest seeded envelopes? Physically and technically - add some extra seeds as you wish, stamp on “Let Love Grow”. Personalise it the way you want such as adding a sticker to seal. It could be your names, or the wedding motifs used on the invitations to keep it all cohesive.


Don’t leave it plain, get your creative juices flowing with various stamps, wax seals, belly bands and ribbons. If you like to doodle, add your masterpiece on top for a super personal touch!


Not everything has to be instantaneous.

Embrace the retro way of life by sending mail in the post. This durable seeded paper will withhold the transit and get to your destination safely. Make sure you

add a double tape seal at the flap to close.

Add a postal stamp on top and voila – send away. We teamed up with Piece Of The Past Craft for all of your vintage stamp needs. All of these are available in 1st and 2nd class and can be sent with Royal Mail.

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These seeded paper envelopes also make great packaging solutions for your small business. Add a sticker or stamp of your logo and use the envelope to enclose information about your brand, any gift cards or other branded insert cards. Get in touch with us if you need us to make your ideas come to life.

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Written by Cat Nguyen-Walker

Co-Founder at Luna & Sol

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