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How to grow paper into flowers

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No matter the theme of your wedding, being environmentally conscious is on the radar for most of us in this modern age. After the launch of David Attenborough’s Blue Planet documentary series; people like you and I across the world are now more aware of the consequences of plastic and non-recyclable products that we buy. With this knowledge, every-day consumers, local artisan makers, major brands and big corporate producers should now understand the importance of creating positive product life cycles.

Increasingly, couples are now actively looking for Eco-friendly wedding vendors to incorporate into their celebrations and events. Why not start your wedding planning journey with invitation and stationery?

Luna & Sol was stemmed from our love of art and our belief in sustainability. It is not a trend that we just want to tap into so we can sit along with other marketing campaigns. It is not a fad that will fade away. It is a global movement that we are responsible for as humans of this earth. We truly want to reduce the negative environmental impact of the stationery that we create.

make every day earthday - ecofriendly invitation

Did you know that you can grow paper into wildflowers?

You could have the ‘save the date’ or wedding invitation made on a special handmade cotton paper that is pressed with wildflower seeds. Your wedding guests can then pot and grow the invitation into a plant instead of throwing away into a landfill.

One type of paper at Luna & Sol does just that! We design the details on vellum to include all the information required.

This avoids the use of direct printing and heat that would damage the seeds. Our designs are then hand-stamped individually on to each seeded paper, therefore, no one invitation will be the same as the next. Your guests will share the appreciation for design and craftsmanship, leaving a lasting impression for your big day.

Whilst we believe in being Eco-friendly, we also pay a great deal of attention to our design ethos.

Our stationery design and styles pack personality. We want to represent each couple and their unique love story on paper.

In addition to our seeded paper series, we’ve also designed an All-in-One collection where an invitation can be easily folded into its own envelope. This reduces the use of additional materials and promotes zero-wastage. This also allows you to add as much information for the day as you like without the normal sizing constraints.

Our semi-custom designs are made available for you to purchase and make your own. We will work closely with you to apply small edits and finish the finer details. If you want to explore bespoke options, please get in touch and let us get to know both of you as a couple. We can help you to conceptualise the design ideas that are lingering in your head and bring them to life! Check out our service options that were curated to fit any wedding budget.

Great invitation design doesn’t have to be compromised or cost the earth.

Written by Cat Nguyen-Walker

Co-Founder at Luna & Sol

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