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Lockdown love … the story so far

Around this time last month, we were meant to throw the best wedding day for Jade & Chloe in collaboration with @_lockdown_love but Covid continued to wreck everyone’s plans like it did for the entire 2020!

#lockdownlove was a competition that we were involved with, led by Keri at @off.duty.weddinghmua and the absolute dream team in the credits below.

Jade & Chloe were the chosen winners of our Giveaway winter wedding in December! They were due to get married earlier in 2020. They had planned to travel the world after tying the knots and even quit their jobs to make this happen.

But the pandemic was relentless and changed EVERYTHING.

The Lockdown Love crew have been super excited to be part of this special day. We even have a group chat full of ideas and action plans to discuss every little detail for the couple. Although the original date of 19th December 2020 couldn’t happen, the entire team at Lockdown Love are SOOO READY to rock & roll when the time is right.

Once all these tiers disappear and rays of sunshine come back into our lives, we’re all going to make this dream wedding happen!!

**Part 2 of this story will showcase photos and videos of the magical day. #Watchthisspace

A closer look at the VENDORS of @_lockdown_love


⚡️A fully styled winter lux wedding by our awesome team in a gorgeous venue @oaktreebarnweddings

“The old stable Barn, full of charm and character serves as the backdrop upon which you can create your truly perfect wedding day. Modernised but still retaining its original rustic ambiance, The Barn creates an atmosphere that is both enchanting and romantic.”


⚡️A personalised blessing ceremony by Bex


“Imagine a ceremony that has been created ESPECIALLY for you, with all the fun bits thrown in (and boring stuff chucked out). Your ceremony shouldn’t be the warm up act, so let it set the tone for the rest of your day!”


⚡️A grazing picnic for up to 15 people with platters from Steph


“Our mission is to create stunning, unique social dining experiences for you to enjoy anyway you like. We believe in supporting local and celebrating what our little corner of the world has to offer. Wherever possible your graze will embrace local, seasonal produce and very considered, sustainable approach to the ingredients used.”

⚡️Luxuriously styled tables by Olivia @thecollectco_ with vintage tableware by Nat @atouchofvintageuk , linens and textiles by Mia @miasylviaa and stationery by Cat & Chiara


“In 2018 I turned my passion into a business. What my friends and husband called my ‘obsession’ for collecting décor and accessories from around the world and repurposing them in my own home, soon became something I could use to style long-table gatherings and small events - usually involving a margarita or three. I started to get interest from friends and family, so I began offering my small collection of unique travel-inspired décor for their weddings and celebrations. Friends of friends became clients.

Fast forward, I’m now doing what I love for a living.”


“A TOUCH OF VINTAGE is a family owned and run business. We have a passion for all things old and beautiful which stems from a love of antiques ingrained into us at an early age. ​All our fine china and accessories have been lovingly sourced from far and wide over many, many years bringing the charm of the past to your special occasion.”


“Everything in the MiaSylvia studio is dyed with hand-foraged ingredients and only natural pigments. Mia harnesses the colours from ingredients such as plants, flowers, food waste and scrap metals and can colour match to specific briefs for events.”


“Luna & Sol is a sustainable and design led wedding stationery brand from London. Cat & Chiara brings a plethora of style and knowledge to the brand from their fashion and marketing backgrounds. We focus our attention to zero waste processes; from designing concepts that reduce wastage to providing seeded paper collections so that guests can pot into plants. At the same time to never limit creativity because sustainability doesn’t have to be boring.”


⚡️A gorgeous cake by award winning contemporary cake designer Chelsea


“Since I can remember I have always loved to bake and so many of my childhood memories revolve around baking with my Nanny and being in ore at the amazing wedding and celebration cakes she made. Researching, designing and practising new techniques for my own wedding cake ignited my creativity and I fell deeper in love with cake decorating. After a couple of years of creating cakes for all occasions, my wedding cake enquiries continued to increase and in 2018 I made the decision to specialise in wedding cake design as this was the area that my passion truly lies.”


⚡️Boutinierre and bouquet made from dried flowers and foliage from eco florist Laura


“Xyris Botanicals is a sustainable floral design studio and cutting garden in South East Kent created by Laura Montgomery. Exploring flowers as a contemporary art form, the aim is to create purposeful compositions using home grown British stems. Mindful of visual emotive communication, there is a strong emphasis on the movement and rhythm of each piece.”


⚡️Bridal hair and makeup with a trial before the big day from Keri


“ Off Duty refers to your out of office look and how you are most comfortable.

I believe that your off duty look translates into your perfect bridal look for your big day.

It‘s about finding styles that work with your hair‘s own texture and makeup that enhances your best features. My brides all have one thing in common- the desire to look like the best version of themselves on their wedding day.”


⚡️The bride will also be able to wear a piece of her choosing on loan from Sally


“With over 10 years experience designing and making jewellery for global brands, Sally decided to focus on her passion for making bespoke bridal headpieces. Staying true to her dream and her brand, Sally strives to make pieces that last forever. The focus is always on luxury. Together with London's finest artisans, pieces are hand soldered and plated, stones are handset to make lightweight comfortable pieces; all handcrafted and lovingly finished in her London studio.”

⚡️Your day will all be captured perfectly by Sammy @sammytaylor.weddingphotography and Dale @dalerookfilms


“An England based adventurous photographer capturing couples, elopements and intimate weddings. The way I shoot is very natural and romantic. More of a documentary style capturing the day as it naturally unfolds as opposed to too much staging and awkward photos. I will do my best to make it a fun and enjoyable experience for guests when we do group photos and the same with the private couple shots. My approach is playful and relaxed and generally people are more at ease this way. “


“Goose bumps, uncontrollable smiles and tears of joy is what Dale Rook Films aims to provide every single time, those nostalgic in the moment feelings. Filming and editing is one thing but being able to really get inside the film and feel what the individual was feeling at that moment in time that's what drives me into do the thing I love!”


⚡️Then courtesy of Jamie & Stephanie @vineandcountrytours where the couple will be treated to a vineyard tour experience at a later date

“We have a very simple ambition: to create the most immersive wine tourism experience in England in a way that is sustainable and supports the growth and successes of the pioneers of English viticulture. We’re committed to connecting you with the places and to encounter the people, who work in harmony with nature, embrace sustainable wine growing and who, of course, produce incredible wines.”


⚡️Singer & Songwriter Jordan Hemingway will be serenading our couple and their guests from ceremony onwards 👏🏻


“With a yearning voice of triumph, Essex born singer-songwriter Jordan Hemingway boldly embraces dark corners, while shining a light for the world see. Hemingway has been honing his craft for over a decade, resulting in rich, captivating songs. There is something universally timeless when Jordan sings, a "magnetic energy” - Brexhip

Written by Cat Nguyen-Walker

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