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THE NEW NORMS – Weddings in 2020

Photo – ‘Drunk In Love’ by Sammy Taylor Photography

Here is the good and bad news - The good news is that the wedding ban in the UK was lifted on the 4th July 2020 after months of a complete and unexpected stop. The bad news, well there are now rules in place that might stay for the rest of the year!

Here is the recap:

  • You can only have 30 guests, including the couple, the photographer & witnesses

  • No food or drink should be consumed as part of an event

  • All guests must practice social distancing

  • Wedding venues must have markings for social distancing

  • Traditions such as the Father walking the bride down the aisle won’t be able to happen unless the bride lives in the same household

  • No loud music or singing, to avoid people shouting and transferring salivas

And many more... Read further here from the BBC

I know these changes may not be what you want to hear for your wedding day. The day that you might have planned for so long which came to a pause, and now seeing that everything you have planned is the opposite to the new rule.

So what ARE your options?

I have spoken to a few brides and couples, and most of them have decided to postpone to 2021. Some of them might get married in a small town hall ceremony separately, and then throw a huge party later on – which is exactly what I will be doing! There are no right ways about this. You should do what you feel is right for the both of you. But what is important is acknowledging that there is still SUPPORT out there from all wedding vendors to make your dream day HAPPEN.

A lot of wedding venues have offered 2020 brides the same dates for the next year. This does mean 2021 brides will have to push back their dates but it hopefully might give us all a happy ending. Other wedding vendors such as make up artists, caterers, florists, stationers and more can easily adapt whenever you need to book, and most have been offering free services to help you along the way.

Black Botanic’ collection adapted as both digital invitation and printed stationery

Here are our Luna & Sol TIPS to plan your wedding with stationery:

  • Explore the digital side of Save the Dates. This will help you to gage your guest attendance, as well as tentatively discuss with the venue & dates so it’s not so scary to set it all in stone

  • Once the venue is booked and guests have confirmed yes to attend, then print exact numbers for the wedding invitations and stationery (and some extra for your keep sake of course!)

  • This helps you to plan with ease and adaptability

  • It also helps with your budget and avoids wasting money on unnecessary expenses

  • As a bonus, it positively contributes to zero waste living; reducing on materials and only printing what you need.

  • We can help to create a cohesive style and theme of your wedding stationery; then adapt to the digital Save the Dates and the printed versions so that it all ties together

‘Olive Tree’ collection on animated invitation format‘

Luna & Sol has been offering our past customers FREE e-invitation design on 2D format or 3D animated video formats - This helps our couples to send new dates & information to their guests whilst keeping the same vibe & look that they loved in the first place. We’ve now applied this offer to EVERY new customer – which helps them plan with ease without being scared of the unexpected!

Our digital e-invitations or animated video invitations can be created from any of our existing collections, and be completely bespoke to match back to you. Check out our products page to view our design archive or get in touch with us to discuss ideas!

And it’s ok. We’re all in this together.

Don’t forget that at the end of the day, love is what you both have and will be the strength to keep you going. Stay calm and work through the tough times together.

Written by Cat Nguyen-Walker

Drunk In Love’ credits on Instagram

Venue @elmleynature

Photographer @sammytaylor.weddingphotography

Styling @thelittleweddingwarehouse

Florals @xyrisbotanicals

Dress Boutique @loveinlacebridal

Dress Designer @madilanebridal

Tableware & Glassware @atouchofvintageuk


Model, Hair & Make up @s_phieeelou93

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