Animated E-Invitations

Let’s get digital and sustainable with our stop-motion designs.
Share your invitations via email, message or social media, and give your guests a stunning surprise that will set the tone for your special day.
We understand that planning a wedding is already a hard task, let alone adding the impacts of Covid-19.

Our digital invites are not only fun and modern, but they are versatile and provides you the comfort of adaptability with ease should anything unexpected happen. Not to mention that it’s the ultimate eco approach to save the planet and your budgets!


Each E-invitation pack includes 1 x movie file (with or without instrumental music) and 1 x image file with the same design to add extra information for your guests. We can adapt our existing Semi-Custom designs into digital videos or create a brand -new concept for you. Get in touch if you have any questions.


E-invitation pack

1 x movie file (GIF/MP4 format), 1 x image file (JPG/PNG 1920 x 1080 pixels)