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February 2021

WELCOME BACK to our first newsletter of 2021

We finally have something exciting to tell you all!
‘NEWness’ is in the air (so is Covid but that is so last year!)**

November 2020

Welcome to the November newsletter

(yes we’re only posting this now in December 😊)
We hope that everyone is ok and looking forward to the LAST MONTH OF THE YEAR! (...)

#whatayear #seededpaper #competitionwinners #weddingfolder

October 2020

Happy Halloween everyone!

We don’t have any appropriate selfies so here is one of us making faces.
This last quarter of the year has been non-stop! See what we’ve been up to (...)

#halloween #E-Invitations #covid19again

September 2020

Have you heard about the biggest GIVEAWAY of the year?

A few months ago, we blogged about the sunshine and summer. Now we’re saying goodbye to it all (not that we’re ready for it) because #WinterIsComing
Welcome to the end of September and our new edition of the blog (...)

#WinterIsComing #lockdownlove #competition #weddingevents

August 2020

Welcome to our August edition

Last month we were lucky to be photographed by Laura Martha at @lauramarthaphotography in collaboration with her branding adventure
It’s the first time we’ve ever done branding shots and it’s no surprise that we sucked at it LOL (...)

#photoshot #ecogreenweddings #productspotlight #mostcurious

July 2020

Getting Married during Covid-19

Back in June we published a blog about Getting Married during Covid-19 because our very own Cat and her partner James eloped in a secret ceremony at Hackney Town Hall. They got married on Thursday 19th March 2020 which was a day before Boris Johnson announced a national lock down (...)

#covid19 #elopement #zerowaste #seededpaper #greetingcards #shopindependent

June 2020

So what’s NEW?

You might be surprised to hear from us, because yes this is our FIRST ever newsletter for our FIRST ever birthday as a business!
We hope that you have been well during this period of time, when uncertainty was real and we’re all still trying to figure out what’s next (...)

#thefirstone #seededpaper #britshvogue

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